Hi there, good to see you 🙂

Who am I

I am Michaela, an expert on the field of Love and creating a Happy & Healthy Relationship.

Over the last one and a half decade, I studied the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. I found out what are key factors for making a relationship working or breaking.

Where does my thrive about being an expert in the field of Love come from?

The memories I do have of my parents while I was a child, is, both are sleeping in separate bedrooms, having a lot of discussions or just don’t talk at all for weeks. This is how I grew up. I never experienced what it means to have a happy, supporting each other, talking to each other and loving each other, caring, relationship.

When I turned 16, I started my first relationship with a guy who was two years older than me. He had a relationship before, so he was kind of experienced already. While being in this very first relationship, I did the same thing my parents did. Because I didn’t know better, right? I never talked about my emotions, never told him how I really felt, even if he asked, expected he knows how I feel, just because he loves me and he is looking at me. Being patient and kind and trying with putting a lot of energy in keeping him satisfied, but not taking too much care of myself. I was giving a lot, but not taking too much, as I thought this is how a relationship works.

Of course, it didn’t work out. I suffered, he was mad and didn’t understand why I was fighting and starting discussions all over again because he just couldn’t know why I didn’t tell him. The relationship was over after approximately one year.

It was more or less the same in my social surrounding area, that was the weird part of it. Friends of mine had relationships. Some of them were happy, the majority of them weren’t. Almost none of them lasted, maybe 1 out of 20 or so.

After similar experiences with following relationships, which never lasted long as well, I started to do a lot of research.

Days, weeks, months, even years I asked myself always the same question:


I felt I HAD to find answers to this particular question. Therefore I started to take courses, contacted Love-Coaches and other Relationship experts, I did a lot of online research and read a ton of books on that topic. Also, I interviewed a lot of people out of different ages and different relationship statuses, it didn’t matter whether they were single, married, divorced, in a relationship but unhappy, and so on. During all this, my mind shifted and my whole view on the topic love and relationship changed completely.

After all, this, let’s call it “Love education”, I became an expert on that topic and learned some really good, interesting, mindblowing stuff I would like to share with the world in this blog.

I truly do believe and KNOW, that it is possible. It is possible to have that healthy, working and the happy and great relationship you dream of. And yes, it is possible to have that one special person in your life, the one person who can make you feel good, make you laugh, make you feel calm again after a long day, that one very special person who accepts you the way you are and who you can tell everything.

I see many people struggling with their relationships. Many people have regular fights about perpetual problems, a lot of people are single and don’t know why. A lot of people have problems with the whole topic love. Sometimes when I talk to someone about love or being in love, or falling in love, I even have the feeling there are people around in this world who do not believe in love anymore. I think one of the biggest problems is that a lot of people never learned how to love, or how a relationship works. There is no guideline, there is no lesson at school about this.

So where to learn it?

What do you learn from it when you are a child? You learn the way your parents treat each other, and you think this is “normal” and this is “how it works”. But, yeah… what will you do when your parents didn’t learn a healthy way from their own parents, and those didn’t learn from their parents as well…? And so on. This is the reason I started this blog and why I am so passionate about the topic love. I want to help people to give themselves the chances to get a happy and healthy relationship.

So let’s see what you can learn from my research, experience and opinion in these articles I share with you here. 😉

Love is the answer,