Are you a Love Visionary?

There are people in this world, especially when it comes to love, who can see things which are invisible. Wonder how that works? Ok, let’s find out: 😉

Reading Effi Briest, for the people in Germany reading this, or reading Faust or any other kind of very old book, written in weird high-educated language in school, for me it felt like a total waste of time. When I had to do this at school, I didn’t put too much energy on this. It wasn’t something I liked too much. But now I am interpreting things as if it’s about life and death, when it comes to the topic love or THE guy…. It doesn’t matter whether this is referring to something he said, he sends via Textmessage, when did he say it, what did he do, when did he call, in which kind of tone did he say this and that. What did he mean when saying this. And so on and so on. Does this mean he likes me? Does this mean we are on a date? Does this mean that we have a relationship? Or this or that or not…??? Oh… My…. God… This is getting very confusing and can cause a lot of chaos in your head, right?

To all women or maybe even men, who were just, when reading the above, thinking: YES! This sounds like me! Please go on reading, this article is especially for you.

It doesn’t make any sense at all to turn every single word your partner, or the person you are dating, has written or said, around five times in your mind. It doesn’t make any sense at all to think about the tone of his voice ten times a day, in order to find out what the tone of his voice was telling you, or whether there was a deeper meaning behind that special tone, or the one word he was using in his sentence. And….It doesn’t make any sense at all to wonder why he or she didn’t react on your Whats App message yet. Also, guess what? It doesn’t make any sense at all to analyse his or her behaviour again, and again, and….. again.

Please, please, please, give yourself a break here. Put yourself a „STOP“ sign in front of your face and your brain, the moment you recognize you start to interpret again. To interpret things which he or she in fact never said or did will only drive you crazy and is not very constructive. If you interpret everything referring to your date, boy- or girlfriend or wish-to-be-partner, this can drive you totally crazy.

The next time you ask yourself all these question again, the next time you think and worry so heavily about his or her behaviour again, please ask yourself why am I doing this? Is it really that important? Is it really worth it to worry so much about it, to spend so much time and energy in thinking about why didn’t he or she answered on my message yet?

Usually when somebody is not answering immediately, there is a reason behind. Maybe the person just doesn’t have any time to answer, or no time to think about an answer yet or there might be any other very simple reason. So just do yourself a favour, and stop intrepreting, stop wasting your time and energy in it, it is not worth it.

When saying it is not worth it, I do not mean the guy or girl is not worth it. Totally not referring to this one here, let us here be clear about this. I mean it in a different kind of way – let’s see:

Instead of interpreting, I tell you what really brings you forward. Something which will help you to lighten up your brain and to help you carrying all these thoughts. Start NOW, to see, hear and read the things and the words, which he or she indeed did or said. If he is texting you: “Do you want to see me on Friday?” Then, the thing he or she is asking: If you want to see / meet him on Friday. Nothing more. Nothing less. Take the things literally and stop interpreting. Right here and right now. Start seeing the words. Start hearing the words. Especially when it comes to talking to men, it is often meant literally what they are saying.

Take it on what he says and writes, and: See what he really says. Stick with the thing going on just NOW. No matter what it is. Look what is it at the moment. If you stop interpreting as from now on, there will be positive things coming your way. The moment you get rid of negative things inside you, the moment you have more space for positive things coming into you. In this case, seeing and hearing the person as he or she is.

Right there – it will make your life a lot more easier 😉


Love is the answer,



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