Being grateful.

The todays article is about being grateful and stopping to moan.

The last couple of days I was sitting in the hospital, recovering from a knee surgery. At the moment I am sitting at home, still recovering from the knee surgery I had last week.

The last days when being not able to walk, to pee, even to dress myself on my own anymore, and having people around me helping me, I am today just grateful. I am grateful that I have gorgeous people around me, who love me and who take care of me. Who cook for me, who hold my leg when I need to get up, who bring me fresh water, who give me a hug when I start to cry because of not being able to walk for a period of time.

There is nothing more valuable in this world than having people in your life who help you. I love those people and I love being able to be grateful for having them in my life.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to tell you, my dear readers, that I think you can never be grateful enough for your love partner. For the person laying in the night next to you in bed, for the person you see first of all people after waking up in the morning, the last person you see before you go to sleep. The person you call during lunch break at work to check on what to have for dinner, the person you share your most intimate moments with. The person you sometimes hate because of snoring at night which kills your sleep. The person who sometimes throws the garbage into the wrong basket and the person who sometimes just forgets anything important you asked him to do for you.

This is the same person who is strong for you when you are weak. The same person that holds you when you cry. The same person trying to make you laugh again when you feel like the whole world is shit and against you. The person you trust the most and you can share a secret with or a thought about something not everybody should know.

This person you share your life with is valuable. Treat this person with respect. Treat this person with all the love you have and all care you can give. Treat this person the way you want to be treated. You will not regret it, if you give love, love will come back to you automatically. What you give, you get back.

Never forget to be grateful for the people in your life. There is always something to be grateful for every single day of your life. Today i am very grateful for the amazing people i have in my life, especially my partner. Life would be so much harder without him these days. Thank you.


Love is the answer,



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