A Healthy Relationship

“A Healthy Relationship doesn’t falls into place, just like that. It doesn’t contain of one good ingredient either. A Healthy Relationship takes a lot of things, a lot of pieces brought together. When putting a lot of work and a bunch of little pieces together, you build your healthy relationship step by step, one piece at a time…”





Although it might seem unachievable or impossible from time to time, IT IS POSSIBLE – to have the Healthy Relationship, the Love in your Life.


Relationship Coaching

As a Relationship Coach, I can help you, whether you are single, just started dating, or have been married for decades. Let me know what you are struggling with in your Love Life and we will look at it together and find a way to improve your Love Life – there is so much what can be done, before giving up, and breaking another relationship, or ending up divorced like so many couples in this world.

Coaching is possible in Amsterdam or even online!

Languages: English, German, Dutch

Just contact me and we will schedule an intake session of 30 minutes for free!



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A Healthy Relationship – The Dream of Everyone!

“Very inspiring, hands-on and useful workshop! Michaela clearly gives you practical points that can be both applied into your current relationship or that can help you find a future healthy one.”

Participant of The Power of Love – Skills for a Healthy Relationship,

March 2019

Great Workshop!

“Authentic, high of integrity, reliable and great content. I really enjoyed the Workshop!”

Participant of The Power of Love – Skills for a Healthy Relationship,

March 2019

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