Loving yourself & taking care of yourself

How to find a way to improve your love life while taking good care of yourself?!

I think one of the things we sometimes overlook nowadays is how to handle ourselves, our wellbeing and especially our emotions.

We take care of so many things like work, Family & family, our relationship, and very often there are other things going on in life which are not usual day to day stuff for example illness, looking for a new place to live, moving, searching for a new job, taking care of family and friends, starting an own Business, worrying about someone or thinking about a difficult decision, and so on…
So there are a lot of things eating our attention. Not even mentioning the amount of social media accounts, messages, groups we are involved in and we also want to take care of.

So what do you want, what is the goal in life?

I assume one of the most important things we aim is to lead a happy and satisfying life. Of course this means something else for each and everyone of us, but still there are some things we all have in common:

We want to be healthy
We want to be financial stable
We want to feel safe in the place we live
We want to feel loved by other people
We want to have the possibility to show who we are
We want to have the possibility to grow
We want to give meaning

These are only a few basic needs I name here, of course there are many more.

So how do we get allllll of this together?

Well I think the first thing to do is dig deep.
All the good stuff like happiness, vitality, feeling strong, good, being positive and satisfied, all these juicy tasty emotions are coming from the inside. The inside you.

You and only YOU can tell what you need in your life to be happy, to feel vital, healthy and strong.

Don’t wait for the prince or princess to come and fulfill these things for you. To gain real happiness in life you should make yourself aware what you need.

Get a paper and a pen, sit down, take time and switch off all distractions.
Then close your eyes and listen to yourself.
What is it you are looking for right now?
Is there anything you crave the most?
What can you do today, right now in this second to get it?

Get it done. Start slowly, but start.

Take the first steps.

Take care of yourself.

Do something for you.

If you take care of yourself, your energy of happiness, health, vitality, love etc is filled, you can start to share. You can start doing things for others, as you are full of love, joy and energy.

It will automatically result in a better and happier relationship, as you will start to spread your positivity 😀


Love is the answer,


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