What men really want.

What the hell? What is his problem? Why is he doing this? Did he just really say THAT?

What is it men really like, I mean, what is it actually they WANT? Have you been asking yourself this same question?

I think there are a million things men to want or do not want. But I also think that it is important to get a feeling of what are the “really” important things, especially when it comes to your love life, right? I think we all just want our partner in life to be happy, to be able to be himself and to be able to thrive and grow.

Let’s find out some juicy fruity facts on this: 😀


What men want:

A man wants to be treated good.

A man wants to be allowed to feel good next to a woman.

A man wants to be understood.

A man wants his woman to care for him.

A man wants to feel that the woman next to him loves him.

A man wants to be accepted the way he is.


He is a great guy! 

And what is probably the most important thing:

A man wants to feel that the woman next to him thinks he is a great guy. Show your man that you think he is a great guy. Not twenty times a day, then you are overacting, but from time to time.

If he did something very good, something to make you happy, something to help you with, for example you are having a long-distance relationship, and he is visiting you more often than you do, then just give him a big welcome hug, kiss him and say: „I am glad that you are here and thank you for taking the trip. I love you.“ His heart will make a big jump hearing your words. This is called recognition which is very important, yes for everybody, also for women, but men crave it even more.

Recognize what he is doing for you. Recognition, recognition, recognition. Men in general need recognition from their environment. Recognition from the environment means from sport or work results or from kind words coming from women. Men do need this kind of recognition more than women do.



Women are often just doing, for example, they go to sports, talk to friends, working, and so on.  Women don’t brag with what they’re good at. Men do not brag because they want to show how good or special they are. Well, there are certain men doing this for different reasons, but that is a topic for another day, another article 😉

Men who brag are doing this because they simply need the recognition. They want to be SEEN. They want to feel the person sitting in front of them thinking how great they are. And if they are told how great they are, oh my god, then there is a firework happening inside them. They would never ever tell of course  😉


Make sure to create the good feeling coming with recognition

To all women who read this, make sure you give your partner a good feeling on a regular basis. The important thing while doing this is, that you really have to mean it. The whole secret behind is the following:

If the man is getting the feeling from the inside, that he is getting this kind of recognition, this kind of very positive feeling only when being with you, he will always come back to you. Always. Of course you should also say something negative, if there is a reason for it. But this is another topic, another blog article, coming soon – I promise! 😀

Caring, this is also very important for men, and something they really want and really need. Men love the woman on their side who is taking care of them. Once I asked my boyfriend what he really feels is important for him in a relationship (luckily my boyfriend is very open and we are besides being a couple, also best friends) in general and what he thinks is important for him when it comes to me, as his girlfriend. And then he said: „You take care of me.“ I care for him. I care whether he feels good, I cook for him, I give him hugs, I kiss him goodbye every single day, I listen to him and his thoughts or problems. Caring and getting the feeling that there is someone who cares for them is very important.

When being a kid, boys had their mother taking care of them and they felt the love of their mother and felt home. Their mother was there when they felt tired, mad or sad. Mom was always there. And with mom the boy was also allowed to be weak. Men need women they are allowed to be weak with from time to time. A woman with whom a man is allowed to feel weak when needed, and at the same time being allowed to be the strong, powerful guy. The strong and powerful guy a woman can be proud of. He needs his woman to be proud of him, too 🙂

Appreciation or recognition for men is, what is commitment for women.

Women tend to ask themselves: „does he love me?“, „am I the one for him?“, this may come from being unsecure in love and relationships, which is a natural thing. Women want men to be committed to them, in any kind of way. They want them to be on their side, to be someone women can rely on. This comes naturally for women, as for men it is equally important to get the recignition as described.

Remember the „Different-Formula“ from my first article? I set up the formula, that women and men are different. Not only from the things which are in plain sight, but from the things which are going deeper. Attitude, feelings, expectations, needs etc. Here in this case, the different aspect between men and women is the men’s need of recognition, while this is not so important to women.


Love is the answer,



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