Who actually invented that men and women do fit together?


Who actually came up with the crazy idea that men and women are similar to each other and therefore can make good love partners?

Who started putting the thought in our heads that men and women can have a perfectly, fantastic relationship without any fights, discussions, misunderstandings, miscommunication and differences in opinions or views on certain things?

Dig yourself into the next sentences in which I show you the parts of a relationship that really matter. I show you which things you have to know to finally understand your partner. I also show you how to learn to have a strong, happy and healthy relationship.

If you’re asking yourself for quite a while already, maybe even for years, why your partner does this one very annoying thing again, or why he or she says something again and again. And the thing your partner is doing or saying is something you really don’t like. Maybe you’re having fights with your husband or wife all over again and again, and your partner just doesn’t understand your thoughts and feelings and where you’re coming from with your opinion.

In case any of the above mentioned cases match to the feeling you have from time to time, in case you feel sometimes stuck in your relationship, or you’re asking yourself why you have been single now for quite a while already, or maybe you just would like to get some new views and opinions and new ideas about the topic ‘Love’, then this article and the many coming in my Blog are the right thing for you in this very moment.

In this article, also because it is my starting article, of Finding The Truth In Love – Blog, I would like to set up an important general rule together with you, which is not only valid for this article, but also for future articles to come. You can use this important, general rule for your life, maybe as a constant ‘Setting’ for your life or for your thinking when it comes to love and relationships.

So here comes this important, general rule:


Men and Women are like sugar and salt

Men and women are like chicken and tofu

Men and Women are like bike and car

Men and Women are like BBQ Sauce and Nutcreme


Before stop reading this article and thinking „this woman has gone totally crazy….“, let me tell you to which point I wanna go with you here right now.

Maybe you already have an idea where this is going to.

Just keep this sentence in your mind:




Being different doesn’t have to be something negative. It is just,….. you know,…. different. Being different can have a very positive potential. It is not better or worse, it is just different. Let me be realistic here, always being the same is boring on the long run, isn’t it? 😉

Being different while talking about men means the kind of way they are focusing on their career, or preferring teamsports more than women do, women in general talk more and women do like shopping more than men do. I could go on countings and telling you these kind of stereotypes about men and women. I’m sure you heard a lot of these cliches as well. No worries, this article is not about building cliches or stereotypes. I want to got into another direction here. These differences between men and women do have a reason.

Let’s get this thing a name. Let’s call it the „Different-Formula“.

Men and women are different. They are unlike. They are diverse.

The differences between men and women start a lot deeper and earlier than the just listed differences in sport, shopping and focus on career. It starts with the things which are not possible to recognize from the outside. Things you don’t see from the first view onto a person. Things which are not obvious. Things that are not in plain sight.

It’s about attitude, values, expectations, actions and the pattern of thought. And it goes further to things such as falling in love, being in love, and goes on to the leading of relationships. Here the differences are getting very obvious, if you know them and are aware of their existence. When knowing them it is much easier to lead the happy and healthy relationship you want in your life.

The differences in the way of how people think are representing themselves in fights, discussions and misunderstandings, and quite often both partners are deeply wondering about their partners behaviour or words, because they do not understand their partner, as they are not aware about the differences in feeling, thinking, values, etc.

In my Blog we will discover plenty of thoughts, ideas, opinions and much more which will make you start digging and thinking deeper about the reason and the beauty behind love. Hopefully you will also hear the one or the other dropping penny, which is actually a good sign 😉

Before starting with all this, it is very important you understand the Different Formula we just created together here. What was the formula again?….




Love is the answer,



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