Why we should celebrate anniversaries

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This new article is about the importance of celebrating anniversaries.

How many of you like celebrating special occasions? And how many of you want to learn about the great positive meaning and Impact celebrating special occasions can have on your relationship?

Ok great. So let’s get started 🙂

Why should we remember our anniversaries within our relationship after all?

And why is it THAT important to celebrate them on a regular basis?

Why should we honor anniversaries, appreciate them and be grateful having the possibility to celebrate them anyway?

We all have those special days in our memory. To give you some examples: the first day at my new job, or this was the best start of a vacation ever, or this was a very special moment of my marriage, and so on. We all remember special things. Why actually do we remember them? Because they meant something to us. Something big. Why? Because of the way we felt about it. The emotions that result from this special Event, makes us remember it.

Some more examples:

The first kiss or your boyfriend asking you to marry you, the first date, or maybe the first vacation taking together, the birth of your child or just a walk in the park with your loved ones.

It all has the possibility of being great, awesome days and occasions in our lives which are meant to stick within our brains and visual memory forever. These are the moments we reminisce about and which might help us getting through tough times.

When something has a Special meaning to us, then we are in a certain emotional state in which we are in when thinking about this special occasion. We feel enthusiastic, happy, excited, joyful, self-confident, proud, secure or a thousand other positive feelings.

Our body and our brain remembers those occasions, as these can be described as “peaks” in our emotional state.

When celebrating these anniversaries or, when creating rituals together, you can be sure of creating the feeling that there exists something you can hold on to. It can give people something to rely on, something to look forward to and something they can work towards. This can help you “survive” difficult periods like rough times at work, or an illness or a difficult situation with family members, or anything else. You still know during this difficult time, there is something waiting there for you which will bring you joy, laughter, happines and positive energy.

Another interesting aspect about this is that our brains are getting used to something it already knows. This lets your brain and hence your body relax and enjoy.

Let me explain this a bit:

Do you have ever listened to a new song on the radio, which was new on the market, you never heard about it before, and you didn’t like this song in the first place? You thought it was kind of a “weird” song?

Later on, when days or weeks went by, this song is played more often on the radio, so you get to listen to it repeatedly, you started to like the song after all? So suddelny it became a “very good song” you really like or maybe became your new favorite song to listen to. Guess why is that?

Your braing gets used to it. It recognizes it. When your ears have listened to the song played a second and a third and a fourth time, each time it gets recognized more and more. Your brain is happy, saying: Hey! I know this song! I have heard it before!! 😀

So what happens next? Your brain feels comfortable with this situation, with something known. It is not new for your brain.

What happens now? Right, your brain can relax again, there is nothing to worry about, there is no threat or anything, just enjoying and relaxing as this situation is totally known and common for your brain. 😀 It knows what to expect.

Your brain and therefore your whole body and system can just sit back, relax and enjoy during your regular held anniversary, your monthly dating night out, or your annual Christmas Dinner you hold for your family, or your bi-monthly Dance night out, or whatever it is you create together with your partner in your life on a regular basis.


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