As a Relationship Coach I also offer several Workshops:


Workshop – Learn tools to create a Healthy Relationship:


The Power of Love – Skills for a Healthy Relationship

There are books about love and relationships, and there is couples therapy. 

There is nothing in between so I decided to create the “in between”.

Do you struggle with your love life? Maybe you are having constantly the same discussions with your partner, or you are looking for strategies and possibilities to improve the quality of the communication between you and your partner? You are looking for skills to make the relationship you have, a better one?

Or you are single for quite a while now and you don’t know why? You want to find out your values when it comes to the topic love? The way you want to love and you want to be loved?

Then this workshop is right for you!

After years of research and training about the topic:

“Why do some relationshops work and others do not work”, 

I want to share my wisdom with the world and created workshops in order to improve skills for a healthy relationship. If your love life and your world at home is a place of empowerment, everything is possible.

In this workshop, you will learn the 7 steps to take for a healthy relationship. You will also learn a lot of interesting stuff about relationships in general and a few tools I want to share to get a better understanding of your values in the field of love.

The workshop is a two hour event with some theoretical aspects and exercises.

Everybody is welcome, whether you are single, just started dating, are in a relationship for a long time, or as a couple – you are welcome! This workshop is for everyone interested to grow in the field of love and to improve the quality of love life. 




Meetup Group:

In Amsterdam I started a Meetup Group to learn and grow together in the field of Love – join us – it is for free!

It is called: “How to have a great relationship – Meetup Coaching Group


Join the Meet up Group